Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Parents are Blessings

Parents are blessings. When we born our parents in doing planning to. They forgot themselves and get busy in doing hard work for us. Our dad works day and night to earn money and respect. Dad works and tries to give every comfort of life. Sometimes our fathers live far from children just to give better life to their children. Mother forgets herself and sacrifice her all life in training and development of her children. She works, teaches and does everything that she can do for her children. Parent’s gives us love, better living, education, comfort, forgive our every mistake and try to help their children in every way. For giving higher education and better living Parents borrow money from others but doesn’t give any hardship to their children. Parents sell everything for their children so that they can get higher education and better status in society. When children grown and get good job. Some children forget their parent’s sacrifices. They do deeds against their parents wish. After getting married specially boys obey his wife’s orders and left their parents alone in old age. Parents still pray for their children. Why males after getting married forgot their parents and starts obeying their wife’s. Children ruined Twenty five years hard work of their parents in minutes. Parents brought up more than one child at a time but a child cant brought a single parent. It’s becoming our culture to leave our parents alone in old age. Respect your parents..!!


Amna I agree we kids sometimes forget there parents sacrifices and there good deens and how hard they wor just for us, for there kids better life and there comfort. I am 12 years old but I still uderstand my parents and I really respect my parents but sometimes I really don't want to respect him because he divorced my mom when I was 4 and needed her and then married again when I was 6. I really like my step-mom she really cares about me and love so much but it still can't feel the love that our real mom can give us maybe its because I know that she is not my mom. but I am happy. but thats not it When I go back to India to live forever I am gonna try to get her phone number and its easy because my grandma from my dad's side have a brother and his bro's wife's sister live close to my mom's house and I know cuz once they asked me that would u like call your mom but I said no cuz I was scared about what if my Dad and my Mom finds it out they would be really husrta nd heartbroken so I keep it a secret but this is the time I am not scared cuz I growed up and more smart and have the best plan so when go over my auntie then I will call at there house and keep it a secret. :)

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