Saturday, July 20, 2013

Beat your own records everyday

Don't see others doing better than you
Beat your own records everyday
Because success is a fight between you and yourself

Friday, July 19, 2013

MCB Website Hacked

Cyber Crime in banking sector is increasing and official websites of Pakistan banks are getting hacked. First Soneri Bank then HBL then ABL and this time MCB is victim of hacking crime. Online banking seems no more secure in Pakistan. Hope other banks will take security measures and safe their data from theft.

Mobilink New Logo

Mobilink has different logos for Indigo, Jazz, Ladies, Mobi Cash and other products but now Mobilink Pakistan launched new Red Standardized Logo for all its services. Its nice change but Mobilink ads with Red Logo and everything in Red looks similar like Vodafone theme. Sometimes after watching ads of Mobilink its feels that you are watching Pakistan copy of Vodafone ads. lets see its a good change for Mobilink or not.

Thursday, July 18, 2013




101Wisdumbs is written by Mateen Hamza, he is marketing professional with good sense of humor. I heard from many that 101Wisdumbs is stress relief book and have amazing wisdumbs quotes. Sir Mateen Hamza sent me a complimentary copy of 101Wisdumbs to me. i read and its amazing book, i really liked and read it many times and each time you have new happy feeling. This book is source of happiness and help you in relaxing, source of stress relief. I suggest to everyone must order 101Wisdumbs and read.
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Cinnabon Pakistan

Yummy shakes and cold coffees at good price with cool environment, its best thing it opens at 7 am. Must try!

FatBurger Lahore

FatBurger recently opened its second outlet in Lahore,Pakistan. People got crazy and have to wait for hours for a burger. FatBuger is situated at famous MM ALAM Road, Lahore, its exterior is nice and interior sitting arrangement is also nice. Staff members are cooperative and one thing that is unique is way of motivation of staff members. Rates are high and Food taste is ok not extra ordinary. Hardees taste much better than of Fat burgers.

Love of FOOD

Yes, it is true that no LOVE more sincerer than LOVE of food. Love of Human beings may be sincerer but there is more chances of broken promises and people hurt you more but FOOD never hurts and more you love food, more you get FATS and after some time food get sincere with you, and you will be overweight! Enjoy food and do exercise regularly