Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy new year 2013

Time flies and now its a time to say Goodbye to 2012 and say welcome to 2013. 

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year. times flies and now its a time to say Goodbye to 2012 and Say Hello to 2013. Welcome 2013 with smile and enjoy every moment of life.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012 2012 | Memorable Date

Some dates are unique and comes once in century. today is also one memorable date 20-12-2012. Make this day special by spending day with your friends, family and with close ones.

Google Doodle | Brothers Grimm

Today 20-12-2012, Google Doodle is really very attractive and unique. Doodle is designed very well and in memory of Brothers Grimm who is writer of famous stories like Red Ridding Hood, Snow White, Cinderalla and many more. This doodle gives a pictorial recap of all these famous stories.

Wait and Forget

Its Difficult To Wait For Someone ,

And Its Difficult To Forget Someone !

But The Most Difficult Thing Is To

Decide Whether To Wait

Or To Forget...!!

Noor-Ul-Ain Mustafa

Every phase of life has its own charm and fun. In 2007, I joined IBIT-PU for BBIT degree, IBIT is best department of Punjab University and its environment is good. University environment is new for me and I get chance to meet new people, making new friends, new teachers with different styles, new challenges and I faced my hurdles in the start. After passing few months, everything seems getting settled and I started enjoying my university life. Every day comes with new challenge and fun. I met Aliza Jafri and she is mine class fellow at BBIT and we spent memorable time during BBIT. Morning batch is always full of thetas and mostly students come with good marks and they usually focus on studies and they hate extra cirrucler activities. I had interaction with each student of morning batch because I am from morning batch. 

One day I was sitting in front of IBIT with my two class fellows Aqsa Arshad and Sidra Zahid (who was from Kinnard College, Lahore) and we are in happy mood and talking about entertainment news. Noor-ul-Ain Mustafa girl from evening batch came. Noor is also from Kinnard College Lahore and know Aqsa and Sidra. Its 15-02-2008, Noor first time talked to me. We started from HELLO and exchange few words and then said BYE. Noor seems nice and bold girl. Noor belongs from Pathan family and she has fair complexion and give real pathani look. She was fun loving, jolly, friendly and arranged events for evening batch. Noor weakness was her short temper. She come in anger quickly and starts fighting, Noor had faced many issues, problems, fights in her class, in department and also with her close friends. Noor coped up with this weak point and she changed her in cool and calm. Noor positive point is she is extreme friendly, supportive, cooperative, problem solver and never did wrong with anyone. 
Morning Batch of BBIT feared from NOOR, still feared but don’t know why. Noor and my relationship get stronger by time and we had awesome time together. She is my one of best friend in IBIT, whenever I faced any problem or I was tensed, I just send a text to Noor and my problem is solved within minutes. She never refused me and she is always source of motivation and support for me. She always meets me with smile and welcomes me with warm heart. 
Noor has friendship with every person of IBIT and she has vast social circle but her close female friend is NIMRA iffat. NIMRA is also a nice girl and decent girl.
I visited her place few times and met her family. Noor family is ideal loving family; I am impressed from her mom and her relationship with family members. I and Noor also worked on freelance project, I had wonderful experience with her.
People say that your friends come in a relationship, they forget you and your friendship dies, yes it is true. But in NOOR case, it is wrong, she has wondefully managed her family and friends and never said that she is busy.
 I was fun loving and I spend 10-12 hours time with friends and other time in sleeping and using internet. I give no time to family but NOOR has changed me at 360 degree angle now I give proper time to my family, work and to friends. She takes care of me like elder sis, solve your problem like your best friend, gives you best advice and she has a skill to hide sadness with smile. She is alawys ready to support and motivate me.Spending time with family is also great fun. I had wonderful memorable memories with NOOR and gossips. I will never forget her and we will be friends forever.
Love you for everything you did for me. We have spend wonderful time together. 
She is getting married next year March InshALLAH. I wish her all the best. May she live a long, happy and successful life. My all good wishes are with her. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Death Of Relationship

Relationship does not mean that the relation between two opposite genders. It can be between your parents, friends and with your special ones. Relationship never dies a natural death they are killed by EGO, ATTITUTE and IGNORANCE. keep your relationship with special care and never let you relationship die. If you have committed no mistake but still say sorry to save your relationship and to live a happy and sucessfull life. Remove three things in your life for a sucessful relationship that are ego, ignornace and attitude.

Ishq E Memnu

English Translation of Ishq e Mamnu Song "Bu Bir Veda" [This is Farewell].. Awesome Turkish Song! (Y)

This is a good-bye, a smile
To the summer sun
To a breath of the smell of mountain air
In the light dull gray moonlight
A good-bye
To the lost loves, lives,
I am defeated
To the deep loves
I am defeated to the great passions
I am beaten by life
I couldn't accomplish deep loves,
I am defeated
I am beaten by life
I couldn't accomplish deep loves, I am defeated

Words - Friendship

Words... way to express your feelings and to communicate with others. Choose your words carefully and never say those things that hurt your friends and your close one. Friendship can be ruined in a minute just because of stupid words. Try to avoid use this stupid words!

Hazrat ALI (R.A) saying about Friendship

Having true friends is great blessing. So please dont take your friends easy and give them full attention, care them and give love to them and never let your friends to be angry with you or leave you. Once you let them go, they will never come back!

Never Ignore anyone

Never IGNORE a person who LOVES you and CARE for you. One day u will realized that you have lost the MOON while counting the STARS. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Gourmet Resturant Lahore

Today i want to eat steaks and i decided to try steaks of Gourmet Resturant Lahore. I ordered Chicken Steaks with black pepper sauce. It was yummy and delicious and in sweet i ordered Chocolate Icecream of Gourment. It was also nice experience.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Farwa ALi birthday

Happy birthday to Fawa Ali. 12-12-12