Sunday, July 20, 2014

Think BIG - NOP Celebrating 1 Year

First Anniversary of National Outreach Program :) 52 events in one year achievement for attendees and team of #NOP :)  Think BIG - NOP Celebrating 1 Year its amazing session how to think differently.
Sir Salim Ghauri talk is motivating "Entrepreneur is someone who develop something with limited resources. Innovation is key of success. do things differently from others and bring innovation in your work. Observe your surroundings and learn from your failure and never be ashamed of your failure story. learn, work hard-Share knowledge and information with others."
Sir Attique Ahmad presentation in which he shared his life experiences how to think out of box. "Believe you can succeed and u will succeed and build confidence and destroy fear.Confidence is first step for success.Deposit and withdrawal only  positive thoughts no negative thoughts for a single second. thankful for everything you have".
Sir Nauman Akbar talked on entrepreneurship,types of entrepreneurs and how to be successful in your startup, shared stats and examples and his topic is too vast need one more session :)
Sir Muhammad Amir Qureshi your presentation about #NOP and about topic was good and Sara Ali your success journey and working with NOP is motivating for youngsters.
Rashed Naseer Turabi first time attended your session and your presentation is really interesting and good (y) specially the skit for NOP 2039 :)
Big thanks and thumbs up to sir Ahmad Qureshi for starting and running NOP and many other project successfully. Amna Chaudhry you are doing great job. we want your more sessions in NOP :)
One year changed many things. I met new people, presenters, trainers, students. gave me chance of doing networking with great people.
thumbs up (y) sir Javed Akhtar sir Asad Ullah Muhammad Akram Ayub Ghauri Shahid Nazir Javed Sher Khurram Shehzad  Bilal Sheikh :)
Event covered by: The Social Bugs 



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