Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Things i hate about Indian Dramas

People are crazy for Indian daily soaps. At evening everyone sit in front of TV and watch indian soaps. Soaps full of fashion and glamor with no story. Things i hate about Indian soaps.

  • There is no certain death in soaps. If a person died, can’t be alive again but in Indian soaps character die and become live unlimited times.
  • In one of Indian soap, character remains alive for more than four generations.
  • Endless affairs. Affairs after marriage and illegal relations before marriage and illegal child are common.
  • Plastic surgery is very common in Indian soaps.
  • Son/daughter looks older and parents looks younger than their children
  • History repeats again and again. What happened with mother/father will also happen with their daughter/son?
  • In business deals they always talk about millions like they do daily transaction of millions and countless bank accounts and income.
  • Character that died once becomes alive again and comes in new role with same voice, height and eye color but with new fashion trends.
  • Every family has huge number of family members and all live in one house.
  • Rich families are shown in soaps with big house. Rooms of house have no locks. Doors always remain open and whenever you do secret chat, villain lady will always listen by standing near door and makes plan according to your conversation.
  • Whenever some shocking news or some died person becomes alive again; u have to listen music mixed of sound thundering, slaps, horrible and drum etc. all in one.
  • A woman belongs to poor family that they don’t have source of income still women wears gold jewelry.
  • Woman in every serial plays key role in every one’s life and try to solve all problems of everyone alone.
  • Memory lost after an accident and does plastic surgery and comes again in soap in same role after many years.
  • Take divorce from one husband and get married with other. Also take divorce from new husband and marry again with first one.
  • Keeps showing Function of marriage or any event for more than month.
  • Each episode end with suspense and that suspense continues for many months.
  • Woman sleeps after doing full makeup.
  • There is shortage of clothes in soaps.
  • If you don’t watch soap for many months and watch after a long time, you will find soap stuck on that part from where you left watching.
Women are crazy for these serials. cable operators still show Indian channel at time of drama by putting their logo on channel logo when Pemra ban Indian Channels in Pakistan.

Book Fair | Punjab University Lahore

University of the Punjab is famous and old renowned university of Pakistan. Every year book fair is arranged for students. Book fair of Punjab university is very well manged and stall of famous books publishers are in fair. You can get every kind of book from there. Punjab University book fair dates for year 2012 is 15-17 March 2012. Book fair is open for everyone. Huge variety of books are available at affordable price. Visit Punjab University book fair and buy informative collection of books.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Parents are Blessings

Parents are blessings. When we born our parents in doing planning to. They forgot themselves and get busy in doing hard work for us. Our dad works day and night to earn money and respect. Dad works and tries to give every comfort of life. Sometimes our fathers live far from children just to give better life to their children. Mother forgets herself and sacrifice her all life in training and development of her children. She works, teaches and does everything that she can do for her children. Parent’s gives us love, better living, education, comfort, forgive our every mistake and try to help their children in every way. For giving higher education and better living Parents borrow money from others but doesn’t give any hardship to their children. Parents sell everything for their children so that they can get higher education and better status in society. When children grown and get good job. Some children forget their parent’s sacrifices. They do deeds against their parents wish. After getting married specially boys obey his wife’s orders and left their parents alone in old age. Parents still pray for their children. Why males after getting married forgot their parents and starts obeying their wife’s. Children ruined Twenty five years hard work of their parents in minutes. Parents brought up more than one child at a time but a child cant brought a single parent. It’s becoming our culture to leave our parents alone in old age. Respect your parents..!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tahira Wasti Died

Prominent Pakistani television artist Tahira Wasti has died in Karachi on Sunday, She was 68. She was a wife of Rizwan Wasti,  a famous Pakistani television and film actor and presenter, who died last year.Tahira Wasti has undeniably been one of the most professional and adept actresses that the television screen has seen in at least a couple of decades.There were speculations that Laila was suffering from a life-threatening disease and was undergoing treatment. No television viewer, who has seen the dramas produced in the late eighties and nineties, can forget the unforgettable performances given by Tahira Wasti in every role that she was a part of.

Her roles were mostly supporting but that didn t inhibit her from showing her true potential through her skills as an actress. Her earliest dramas include  Afshan ,  Jangloos .  Daldal ,  Piyaas  and long play  Heer Waris Shah , aired on PTV and  Kashkol , which was screened on former channel STN. Although she took a break from acting for a few years, she has reemerged with a revamped look in a number of productions both on PTV as well as private channels.Her recent performances have come in the dramas like  Harjai ,  Dil Diya Dehleez ,  Maamta  and  Doraha . She has also acted in a tele film by the name of  Uss Ki Biwi . She was wonderful lady and actress. Her work will be remembered forever. May her soul rest in peace.!

Aur karo Pepsi 65 ki

Pepsi is again of Rs.65. Pepsi new electronic ad is very bad. Pepsi is now of Rs.65 but they showed this discount in very despicable way. Sms come and people run and why they run it’s showed in end of ad. How a bridal runs on her first night through window.Thats not a Pakistani Culture. Pepsi new ad is not depicting Pakistani Culture; they are spoiling youth. How a person runs when he is in barber shop and barber is cutting his hair. Pepsi Pakistani advertising is biggest failure. In contrast to new India ad Change the game of Pepsi is excellent ad as compared to Pakistani ad. Pepsi Pakistan should hire new advertising agency and this ad should be banned.

Kis Ki Ayegi Baraat

Kis ki aye gi barat is the question asked by Geo tv now a days. It’s a series comedy drama.  

First serial was “Azar Ki Ayegi Baraat”:
The first serial aired in November 2009 on GEO TV & consisted of eight episodes. The plot featured a love story of a guy from Faisalabad & a girl from Karachi who fell in love & now want to get married. Their marriage turns out to be a great big blunder with anything that could go wrong actually gone wrong.

Second Serial “Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat”:
The second serial aired in June 2010 on Geo & consisted of seventeen episodes & a telefilm which aired in March 2011. . The plot featured Nabeel & Dolly (from Azar Ki Ayegi Baraat) trying figuring out their feelings for each other being real or just an infatuation after the marriage Azar & Sila.

Dolly ki Agyi Barat:
this telefilm is come after dolly ki ayegi barat. It was also full of comedy drama.

Takkay Ki Ayegi Baraat:
The third serial currently premiered in June 2011 & ran for 16 episodes. The serial was based around Sukhi & Mushtaq (aka Takka). The serial introduced new characters in the storyline. The show ended in September 2011.

Kis ki aye gi baraat:
Now the fourth series is coming soon on geo tv. It will started from 17th march. The fourth series will revolve around Vicky and Laila Marriage and Nani marriage. Watch this wonderful comedy serial and have fun.

Genre:            Comedy-drama
Written by:   Bushra Ansari
Directed by:  Marina Khan & Nadeem Baig
Bushra Ansari
Javed Sheikh
Saba Hameed
Samina Ahmed
Shehryar Zaidi
Hasan Niazi
Ahsan Khan
Sarwar Gilani
Ayesha Omer
Alishba Yousuf
Natasha Ali
Raheel Butt
Sana Askari
Uroosa Siddiqui
Asad Siddiqui
Ali Safina
Hina Aslam

Mata e Jaan Tu Hai

Mata e Jaan tu hai is new drama serial of hum tv.The story revolves around Haniya and Ibad. Haniya goes to live with her grandmother in the US after her parents’ death and takes admission in an engineering college. Ibad comes to New York to study engineering and takes admission in the same college.He meets Haniya here and they fall in love. Despite his family’s disapproval, Ibad marries Haniya. But an accident changes Haniya’s life forever. What was that accident? What will Haniya’s future be?  To find out we all have to watch, ‘Mata e Jaan Tu Hai’. Hope that story and dialogues should be good. by seeing its trailors on hum tv, this drama looks nice. watch this new drama of hum tv and give reviews.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Facebook is giving free Visiting Cards

Facebook is a very well known social networking website which comes with unique ideas every time. In the start of this year, facebook has launched a new style of profiles named as timeline. And this time, people were not so satisfied with this theme of profile and wall system. So finally facebook has introduced a feature of making business or visiting cards in-corporation with new facebook timeline.
Facebook in partnership with is giving away Free Facebook timeline based personalized visiting cards.
To get your free Facebook timeline cards follow the below given steps:
  • Go to your Timeline e.g.
  •  At the left side below profile picture  Clcik on About link.
  • Scroll down to Contact Info section.
  • Hover over the card icon as shown in image.
  • Click on Print cards.
  • will request to access your facebook information.
  • Grant access Personalize your card using their tools.
  •  You can remove any unwanted cover from their tool if you don't want its visiting card.
  • Be sure to personalize both front and back of the cards.. Back for each card would be the same.
  •  Enter you shipping details and delivery method.
  • You can make changes in your visting card and you can add new quotes in your card.
Facebook made the contract with the printing company and you will get fifty free cards. you hurry up and print you customize card.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Breast Cancer | SKMH

Breast Cancer

Dr. Neelam Siddiqui
Consultant Medical Oncologist (Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre)

Breast Cancer poses a serious health risk for women throughout the world. More than one million women world wide are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. It is estimated that 1 in 9 Pakistani women will develop breast cancer at some stage of their life.  In developed countries there are national cancer registries where every newly diagnosed cancer patient is registered. This is very helpful to understand the epidemiology and causative factors of cancer. In Pakistan we do not have such a registry at national level. Several studies and reports suggest that among Asian population, Pakistani women have the highest risk of breast cancer (after non-Arab Israeli women).

Breast cancer is a disease which results from the interaction of different environmental and inherited risk factors. With the development of new technology by which DNA of cancer cells can be studied closely, our understanding of the biology and genetics of breast cancer has greatly improved. With this knowledge therapies for breast cancer are coming onto the market, which have given a new lease of life to these patients. Since the early 1990’s death rates from breast cancer have decreased by approximately 25% in the USA and Europe.  This has been possible mostly due to screening mammography and continuously improving treatment strategies utilizing chemotherapy, hormone therapy and more recently targeted therapy.

 While the prognosis of breast cancer has improved over the years, the exact cause of breast cancer still remains unknown.  However certain risk factors have been identified. The following factors are known to increase the chances of development of breast cancer.

Female gender and increasing age: As a woman grows older her risk of developing breast cancer increases. 

Hormonal factors: Early age of onset of menstruation and late menopause are associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. Women who do not have children or have their first child after the age of 30 are also at an increased risk. Prolonged hormone therapy is an additional risk factor.

Benign breast disease: Women who have had non-cancerous lumps in the breasts are also at higher risk of getting breast cancer compared to those women who have never had any breast problems.

Diet and Obesity: New studies indicate that obesity increases the chances of breast cancer and breast cancer related death.  Women who gain weight in adult life before menopause are at increased risk of developing breast cancer. It has been observed that high fat intake can increase the risk of breast cancer while high vegetable consumption may give protection against breast cancer development.

Family history: This plays an important role in breast cancer. Familial susceptibility to breast cancer accounts for approximately 25 % of all breast cancer cases. Among the breast cancer genes that have been identified, two are worth mentioning. These genes are called breast cancer 1 (BRCA1) and breast cancer 2 (BRCA 2) genes.  Alterations in these genes are associated with a significantly increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer. A woman who has two or more first degree relatives with breast or ovarian cancer (especially before the age of 50), may be carrying the BRCA1 or 2 gene.  These women could benefit from screening, risk assessment, genetic counseling, gene testing and appropriate medical interventions.

The outcome and prognosis of breast cancer is directly linked to the stage at which a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer.  It is difficult to prevent breast cancer, but one can try to detect it early. In this context, all women of reproductive age should conduct monthly breast self-examination while those over 40 should have an annual clinical breast examination and an annual mammogram. Development of a breast lump or skin and nipple changes are some common signs of breast cancer and warrant an urgent visit to the doctor.

During October all over the world breast cancer awareness campaigns are being conducted. In Pakistan we need to develop breast cancer prevention and screening strategies. There is a dire need for creation of more effective treatment which is easily available to all classes of society. Aspiration towards excellence should be the goal of every physician. We in the medical community need to step forward to fight against breast cancer by establishing  a national breast cancer control programme to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. We should aim to detect breast cancer as early as possible and to offer the best treatment and support for our breast cancer patients.

Breast cancer signs and symptoms

Dr. Amina Khan
Consultant Surgical Oncologist
(Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre)

Breast cancer is the most common malignancy encountered by the woman of today. It is a disease process which is not restricted to any age; it spares no race color or creed. According to statistical estimates every 1 in 8 to 1 in 15 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime.

Every woman’s risk is different and depends on a combination of factors, some of which are alterable. Age, race, gender, geographic location, family history, age of menarche and age of menopause are factors that are non modifiable. However women should try and avoid risk factors that are within their control; avoid late first birth of their child, have more than one baby, breast feed all children, avoid hormone replacement therapy, avoid smoking and alcohol use.

In contradiction to common misconceptions breast cancer generally carries a good prognosis and is treatable in most cases. The key to successful treatment is early detection and prompt medical attention. The international cancer community has devised guidelines to help in this regard – women are divided into 2 groups based on age - <40 and above 40 years.
* All women should learn proper breast self examination and perform it regularly once every month.
* All women need a baseline mammogram at the age of 40 years
* Follow up screening mammograms should be done annually after the baseline study
* Any new finding on breast self examination or mammography needs to be reported to a physician and investigated further

Important findings on self examination that need further evaluation include

* A new area of thickening in the breast or a new breast lump
* A lump in the axilla / arm pit area
* Nipple distortion
* Bloody nipple discharge
* Skin retraction or dimpling
* Fixation of skin to an underlying lump
* Skin redness
* Skin thickening especially around the nipple area
* Feeling of warmth over an area of skin which is already thickened and red
* Skin ulcer or blister that does not heal
* Skin rash over the breast especially around the nipple with lesions that do not heal
* Pain in the breast that travels to the arm pit and along the arm and neck

Treatment of Breast Cancer

Dr. Narjis Muzaffar
Diplomate American Board of Medical Oncology                            
Consultant Medical Oncologist, (Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre)

There are different types of treatments available for patients with breast cancer. In recent years, there has been on explosion of new life saving treatments for this cancer. Treatment includes surgery and radiation therapy which are localized treatments and chemotherapy and hormonal therapy which are systemic treatments. Both chemotherapy and hormonal therapy  go to many parts of the body, the purpose of which is to kill any cancer cell that may have spread  from the breast.
The most recent addition to breast cancer treatment is called  targeted therapy.
Clinical trials are also offered to patients which test new drugs. Patients are encouraged to take part in these clinical trials which will help not only in their treatment but also other women with breast cancer and will help future generations. No one treatment plan fits every woman diagnosed with breast cancer.  The choice of treatment is determined by many factors including age, menopausal  status, stage of the tumour, hormone receptor status and Her 2 Neu receptor status of the tumor.

Surgery is generally offered at the onset. The extent of surgery will be determined by many factors such as the size of the tumor and its location in the breast.  The patient’s surgeon will best guide her in making the right decision for the type of surgery. Surgery can be total removal of the breast, called mastectomy, or removal of the lump only, called lumpectomy.

Breast reconstruction is the rebuilding of the breast after mastectomy or lumpectomy.
This can be done at the time of the initial surgery or later.
Many women decide not to have reconstruction and opt for a prosthesis.

If the tumor is large or if the woman wants to conserve her breast chemotherapy or hormonal therapy can be offered before surgery which can shrink the tumor and  help the surgeon in getting clear margins after a mastectomy or help in breast conservation.

The type of chemotherapy used can vary from patient to patient. There are many highly effective treatment plans that can vary in duration, number of drugs used and dosage. Results of clinical trials done in thousands of women from all over the world help the medical oncologist on deciding for a specific treatment for each individual.

The side effects of chemotherapy can be managed through supportive care and lifestyle changes. Older women in otherwise good health can also benefit from chemotherapy in the same ways as younger women.

Hormonal therapy blocks the ability of the female hormones  estrogen and progesterone to stimulate the growth of cancer cells. These drugs will only work if the woman’s cancer cells show presence of these receptors.

Radiation therapy is limited to one area and is generally well tolerated. Side effects of radiation are also limited to the area being treated. It is a highly effective way of killing cancer cells in the breast or chest wall that may persist after surgery.

Targeted therapies for example the drug Herceptin, target specific characters of cancer cells such as proteins. These proteins allow cancer cells to grow in an abnormal way. These drugs are generally well tolerated.
At SKMCH&RC state of the art treatment is offered to patients with breast cancer.



Pakistan Army

Salute to all soldiers of Pakistan. 

Use of Google in Pakistan

Proud to be a Women

 Women is that which born at one home and spend one fourth of her life at that home then goes to another home and embellished it with her love and makes a strange family to her family then she spends her rest of life in caring and loving her children..thats a women who never cares of herself .She always think about of her children and family. Thats a life of a women. Proud to be a women.!! Enjoy every phase of life by smiling  face. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women Day

Happy Women Day!!

International Women day is celebrated on 8th March every year. Its a day to salute all women of this world. a woman plays various roles at a same time in her life. first she is a daughter and compromise and live life according to their parents and siblings. Every girls want to get married and dreams that her husband should be loving, caring and romantic. When she get married; she starts living by obeying her in-laws and she obey her husband orders. At that time woman do promise with herself that she will sacrifice her life for her husband and his family. By smiling face she deals with everyone and hide her pain by smile.
When a woman become mother; moment cant explain in words. Woman feels her world is completed now. She thinks herself luckiest woman of the world. Then she starts new chapter of her life by doing care of her children. Mother tries to become friend and to give happiness and comfort to her child. Now she forgot herself and lives for her children. Some mothers do job to earn more and to give better future to their children. She bear disobedient of husband and children by smiling face. Children misbehave with her mothers but still she forgives. Women do struggle and hard work all her life.
Disable and violence victim women also show great courage and starts their life again with new energy. husbands and his family do violence on women but some women keeps silent and bears all but some take action against them and bring change and also gives guts to others. Women are in every field and doing great in their fields. In universities, female ratio is very high then males.Women are more hard working and intelligent then men. Women have capability of doing multi task at a time. women are in field of education,  piliot, doctor, engineer, computer expert, oscar winner, media, president, sports. Its our day so celebrate this day and make aim to do something that make proud to yourself and to your family. Proud to be Women.!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dur e Shahwar | Hum Tv

Dur-e-Shahwar is upcoming drama of Hum Tv. It will be on air from 10th March 2012 at 8:00 p.m. Humsafar was high rated drama and Dur-e-Shawar will be on air on same time as .. One trailer of Dur-e-Shahwar is shown on hum tv. By seeing its tailor it seems nice drama. Will Dur-e-Shahwar will get good rating or not?? Will Dur-e-Shawar be succesfull in attracting viewers or not? Time will tell. Hope that this drama story will also be a different and reality base.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Morning Shows

It’s amazing how the morning shows have become an essential part of almost all the TV channels today. Hosted by the renowned actors and actresses, the ratings of these shows are ramping up every day. Many actors and actress are hosting morning show now a day. Some morning show hosts are decent and present show in decent way and some hosts are over confident and present show as one man show.
People are crazy to see that morning shows. Mostly morning shows are of three hour duration and women especially housewives are biggest crazy fans of these morning shows. Morning shows are source of information and also makes people knowledge up to date by showing latest trends of fashion. Morning shows has different segments like cooking segment, astrologist segment etc. But ever asked, what is the divine purpose behind these morning shows? The answer may be that TV channels have successfully found an enthralling way to fill in their morning slot. At time of PTV there is no concept of morning shows that currently channel showing in morning.PTV morning shows was very decent and informative.
Morning shows are designed for females (housewives) because in morning they are free and morning shows are source of entertainment. In morning shows celebrities, writers, artists, sports stars, athletes, politicians; almost everyone and anyone is invited. Then the hosts ask silly questions especially tailored to suit the intellect of the target audience and hence are quite popular among the female viewers. Interestingly, dermatologists, hairstylists, cooks, psychologists and even palmists are invited to offer a complete program platter to the viewers. Live calls are made to get answers for personal queries and people ask questions from quests. Hosts swirl and dance with the star guests. However, the most attractive part for females is definitely the clothes, make up and jewelry of the host and guests. Social media networking website fan pages are created and people write there or send emails to that specific show and ask questions.
All these morning shows promote vanity and show off.  Encourage people to showcase their wealth, become a part of the race of expensive clothing, shoes and jewelry. Morning shows are also promoting culture of show off. Celebratiy and hosts gossips are source of entertainment for people. Each morning show theme is same but different is of hosts and way of hosting. Some morning shows are really very good and informative and some are just to promote show off culture. Channels are increasing their viewership through these morning shows. Media has strong impact on life of people so quality shows will make positive impact. 


Sunday, March 4, 2012