Friday, November 30, 2012

Dream Big

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Urdu Poetry | random thoughts

na thein or koi bi ranjishain sirf adatoon main tazaad tha,
ke usay pasand thi shokhiyaan aur mjhe saadagi main kamaal tha.!

Meri nigha se ho jaye na gustakhi koi,
tujhe sar utha ke dekhta tu faqat paon tk.

kissi masliat se chup hoon tu pather na jaan mjhe,
dil per asar hota hai teri baat baat ka 

Monday, November 26, 2012

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LOVE and Distance

When you love someone deeply, you dont want to be far from your love. Sometimes you have to live alone and far from love but it doesnt mean that your love is changing into hate or you are less involved in your love. Sometimes distance helps you in making your relation more strong.

Friday, November 23, 2012

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Shafi Muhammad Shah | Death Annivarsary

Shafi Muhammad Shah was Pakistani famous Radio, TV and Film artist. He  performed in many dramas and his acting was good.He worked in many plays and also worked in few Pakistani films.  Shafi Muhammad Shah also worked in Sindhi Language plays and got huge success. He also took part in politics and in 2002, he was elected in National Assembly from Karachi by Pakistan Peoples Party but he lost. He died on 17th November 2007. Today is 5th Death Annivarsary of Shafi Muhammad Shah. His famous drama serials: 'Ek Haqeeqat Sau Afsaane',  'Deewaren', 'Chand Grahan', 'Aanch', 'Nasal', 'Jungle', 'Adhuri Kahani','Soney Ka Bhuo', 'Saanp Aur Surahi', 'Khul Ja Sum Sum', 'Na Nafas Na Ashiyana', 'Your Most Obidient Sevent'. 
Big Loss for Pakistan Drama and Film Industry.

Karbala | Facebook Cover Photo

Qatal e Hussain (R.A) Asal Me Marg e Yazeed Hy,,,
Islam Zinda Hota hy Har Karbala k Baad...............!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Zindagi Gulzar Hai by Umera Ahmad

Today is 16th November 2012 and a new drama serial Zindagi Gulzar hai is going to start. Zindagi Gulzar hai promos are good and seems interesting Pakistani drama serial so i decided to see it because Zindagi Gulzar is awesome novel by Umera Ahmad. I finished my work befor 8:00 pm so i can watch Zindagi Gulzar hai but when i switched on tv i come to know that Zindagi Gulzar Hai first episode will not telecast today due to cable operators issue in Pakistan, now Zindagi Gulzar Hai drama serial first episode will be telecast on 30th November 2012 at 08:00 pm. My mood got off and i started doing tweets about Hum TV and Zindagi Gulzar hai drama. So everyone wait till 30th November and have a good time.!

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Happy Birthday to Waqar Younis

Happy Birthday to Waqar Younis (16th November 1971). 


Life is precious and you don't know what will happen with you in next moment. So don't stay angry with anyone and try to support and help others. Human beings are not perfect and do lot of mistakes, learn from your mistakes and try to avoid that mistakes in future. If you are angry with anyone, go and hug and save your relationship. don't be sad or feel lonely, everything happens for a reason so don't be guilt on wrong decisions. If someone leaves you, if its your mistake then say Sorry and give hug and do hangout. Sometimes saying Sorry to others saves the relationship and it doesn't mean that the person who say sorry has committed mistake; it helps in saving your precious relationship. Life is very short so enjoy it and live a happy life.

Zindagi Gulzar hai

Hum TV dramas are amzaing and mostly dramas are novel based. Hum TV  every drama have a lesson and they shows reality which happens in real. Umera Ahmad is excellent writer and her each novel predicts story of one of us and has full of reality. Sultana Siddiqui is wonderful director has decided to make drama on Umera's Novel ZINDAGI GULZAR HAI with Momina Duraid production. Drama Promos are on air and by watching its promos seems that it will be good and it has ability to break records of Hum TV famous Drama HUMSAFAR. Cast of Zindagi Gulzar is awesome and each character worked very hard. Fawad Afazal Khan is hot favourite male actor now a days and hope so that he will give his full performance is this play. 

Story is about Kashaf, daughter of Samina Peerzada (well educated woman) who brought Kashaf and her three daughter as a single parent. Samina Peerzada was a school teacher and she loses all her self respect and everything when his husband (Waseem Abbas) leave him for a uneducated because that woman is going to become mother of his son. Kashaf is hardworking and she get admission is well reputed and famous university and become civil servant. Fawad and Kashaf study is same university. Fawad has character of a flirty boy and he started doing flirt with Kashaf. Fawad has a strong family background and belong to elite class. Practical life is very different from university life, Fawad realized it when he enters in practical life. Story is about two persons with different class and how contradictory persons fall in love.
Zindagi Gulzar hai is going to start from 16th November 2012. so don't miss it and watch it on every Friday.

Fawad Afzal Khan,Sanam Saeed,Mehreen Raheal,Ayesha Omar,Samina PeerZada,Javed Shiekh,Hina K.Biyat, waseem abbas

Sultana Siddiqui

Momina Duraid

Friday - 08:00 pm