Saturday, March 19, 2011

Annual Result Announcement Function

today i went to my little sister Fati school.Her school name is Faith Grammer School, it is situated in Iqbal Town Lahore.It is private school. I went with my sister to listen her final result. the function started with Welcome Poem then Recitation and then students from different classes performed on songs and also presented tabulos on     terrorism and on many different issues.After that the Principle started announcing  results. students who stood on first three positions, they got golden cups and certificates. It was nice experience.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thanks A Lot =)

Every moment, Every time,
Passes by but makes me smile,
For every hardship and every trouble
With His Compassion, will be fine.

Its His Mercy that I have got all,
So much better things,
My Family, Friends and my Pal.

So all thanks to the Lord once again,
For bringing the best for me,
And I pray that the Mercy remains.

written By: Mahreen Sajjad

My Problem is serious

Do you want to know what my problem is? I will tell you what my problem is… i love you. I love your name, I love the way you look at me, I love your gorgeous smile, I love the way you walk, I love your beautiful eyes, I love the sound of your laugh, i love the way you get mad, i love the way i dont understand you at all. I love the way I can be having the worst day of my life and seeing you completely changes my mood. I love how when you touch me I get weak, 
thats my problem...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

You are my everything

When I went to bed last night,
my last thought was of you.
When I woke up this morning,

my first thought was of you.
You are my everything; 

my sun, my stars, my sky.
You are my everything...

and this is the reason why:

For when we met it was fate,

fate from the soul within.
For when we met it was choice,

choice to be your friend.
For when we first laughed together,

I knew it was meant to be.
For when I fell in love,

I knew you had fallen in love with me.

You are my everything, 

my breath belongs to you.
You are my everything, 

hold these words to be true.
You are my everything and
I'll always love you...
and whats more
I know you'll always love me too.

Professors INN Academy

When i was in 10th class. i used to go to Professors Inn academy for Matric Board Examination preparation. Its really very nice academy and teachers are qualified and experienced. 
  • Sir Jameel (Chemistry Teacher)
  • Sir Shahzad (Urdu Teacher)
  • Sir Bashir (English Teacher)
  • Sir Saeed (Maths Teacher)
  • Sir Ali (Computer Teacher)
my friends group is very naughty and friendly so most of time we all remain busy in irritating our other class fellows and teachers. As a whole i passed my exams due this academy teachers efforts and test session.

DPS is Best School

DPS Model Town Lahore is best school. When i got Admission in Dps, i was welcomed by very skillful, talented and highly qualified teachers. Teachers of DPS are really very hardworking. DPS was the place where i got best buddies of my life. My class fellows was very friendly. We spent awesome time together. Dps Students is called as Publicans. The DPS girls wing ground is very big. our class used to play together in that ground. Samosas of DPS canteen is very delicious and tasty. When break bell rangs, all girls rushed to canteen and there was huge crowd of girls and sounds coming "baji mujhe do, meri bari etc" around the canteen.In Dps, there is dispensary for students. Sometime when i had no mood of giving test or i have not prepared for test , i used to go to dispensary and always sad to Doctor that i am feeling nousia. DPS Life was full of fun and Masti.I enjoyed my DPS alot with my best buddies.

DPS Memories

DPS Girls Wing

DPS Auditorium Entrance Gate

DPS Girls Wing

DPS Girls Wing

DPS Girls Wing

DPS Girls Wing

DPS Girls Wing Baba Gee Canteen

DPS Junior Girls Wing

DPS Masjid

DPS Girls Wing

DPS Boys Wing

My first School

When i was 3.5 years old. My parents sent me school Kalent House situated in Model Town Lahore. its was wonderful school and i enjoyed alot there. Ifra Saeed, Umair Atif who was my neighbors when i lived in Model Town Lahore.they was my class fellow and my best buddies till now.School was run by Ifra Saeed Auntie. I was naughty and i used to make lame excuses to not to go school. i used to go to school in van friends and all teachers supported me and developed interest of studies in me. On special occasions, there held functons and all students come in colored clothes and all day we played and no classes was held that day. i read 2 years there. that 2 years was lovely years of my life. 

Lahore Education Campus

When i was in K.G class, my parents changed my school and we also changed place of Residence. I got admission in LEC (Lahore Education Campus) situated in Karim Block, Allama Iqbal Town Lahore.School Principle name was Nusrat Malik.Nusrat Malik is woman highly qualified and her personality, way of communicatio, leadership powers, her dressing and her way of living is amazing. Vice Principle was Maam Raheela. Ms.Raheela is best teacher. Her management and she deals with students is awesome way. I remembered once she taken dictation test of us. I forgot the spell of Brinjal and few other words. She said to me that you have to learn spells and you have to sit with me in whole break and learn the  words. but she is very cooperative and Friendly maam.My Class teacher in K.G was Maam Humaira. she is very loving, friendly, cooperative and simply she is best. Computer Teacher is Miss.Aliya. She was bit strict but friendly. Miss.Naveed my maths teacher. Miss.Rubina was my english teacher and arts teacher.english was my favourite subject due to her.Her communication skills and her creativity is really very good. Ms.Nadia was my urdu teacher.i was very poor in urdu and she always say to me amna you are wasting time and money of your parents.
whatever i am today i am due to all teachers and friends of LEC. Teachers at LEC polished my skills and encouraged me. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

LEC friends

When i got admission in LEC i had lot of friends.My class fellows was very good. We played together, talks and fights and life is full of fun.Amna Maqbool, Ammarah Batool, Sehar Aftab, Sadia ,Sidrah , Azeem,Mahwish Malk Nazia,Aamir, Fawad and many more. My best buddies with whoom i play in evening and my childhood neighbor friends were Asra Habib, Mahreen Sajjad ,Saba Tanvir and Fiza. we enjoyed alot.