Monday, November 28, 2011

Twitter Biscuit | Bakers land

Everyone company wants that its products and brands run successfully in market and generate revenue.Many companies try to copy the existing successful brand name, advertising and marketing strategy, logo but they do slight change in spell of the name or in logo.But now a days companies are giving names to their products on the name of the Social Media Websites.To made their products more famous.Biscuit manufacturing company of Pakistan named "Bakers Land" did the same thing.they launched their new chocolate biscuits with name "Twitter".Twitter is very famous social media now a days.Its interesting way to make your products and brands more famous by using social media websites name as their products name.Twitter biscuit taste is very nice.Its is indulge in richness of chocolate.Eat Twitter Biscuit and have fun. i am sure you all will enjoy this new and delicious Twitter Biscuit.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tribute to Waheed Murad

Waheed Murad | Legend of Pakistan

Today is November 23, death anniversary of great Pakistan Legend Waheed Murad.Waheed Murad  was a legendary Pakistani film actor, producer, script writer and a humble person. He was known as Chocolati Hero of Pakistan.He gave many hit movies to Pakistan film industry. He was very successful hero of that time. He rule over Pakistan Film industry for more than 20 years.Waheed Murad born on October 2, 1938 in Sailkot,Pakistan. He entered in film industry as a producer and remained successful. His first movie as Hero was Armaan and its memorable hit movie of lollywood.he introduced dancing culture in movies.He had ability to fit in every role.boys of that era copied waheed murad hair style and dressing style.last movie was Hero, during the shooting of film Hero he died and film remained uncompleted.After his death his wife complete the movie.He died on  November 23, 1983.He lives in our hearts and he will be remembered forever.He is true legend of Pakistan.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Peach Malt VS Red Bull


Thursday, November 17, 2011

PTA Banned Words List

Today PTA gave the banned words list in sms to all telecommunication companies of Pakistan. there are two lists that contain abusive words from both English and Urdu language containing more than 1500 words.In English words list stupid, snatch, robber, lotion, back door,red light etc. words are banned that are commonly and regularly used. Urdu word list is hilarious funny. PTA increased our vocabulary.PTA compiled all abusive word at one place. Thanks to PTA for increasing our knowledge and making us happy. Best laughter award should be given to PTA and PTA name should be recorded in Guinness book of world record for making Pakistan's citizen happy and both lists and have fun.

Link for Urdu list:

Link for English List: