Friday, December 27, 2013

Female Bloggers Meetup Lahore

Females are doing great in field of Technology. This is little initiative to invite females and learn from their experiences and discuss on various trends.

Amazing opportunity to meet Female Bloggers, Web Designers, Web Developers,SEO's, Social Media Experts. All are invited to Join Informal MeetUP & Enjoy Coffee with Experts.
Senior Female bloggers,SEO experts, IT experts will share their experience with beginners and will give startup tips and much more.
Meet our Lahore based bloggers, seo's, Digital Marketers, put faces to blogs and catch up on the goings-on in the local blogosphere.
Expert Speakers List will be uploaded soon !!

Cost: Pay your own cup of coffee :)

Interested can fill this form:

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Google Doodle 2013

Google Doodle on 14th August 2013 Pakistan.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Beat your own records everyday

Don't see others doing better than you
Beat your own records everyday
Because success is a fight between you and yourself

Friday, July 19, 2013

MCB Website Hacked

Cyber Crime in banking sector is increasing and official websites of Pakistan banks are getting hacked. First Soneri Bank then HBL then ABL and this time MCB is victim of hacking crime. Online banking seems no more secure in Pakistan. Hope other banks will take security measures and safe their data from theft.

Mobilink New Logo

Mobilink has different logos for Indigo, Jazz, Ladies, Mobi Cash and other products but now Mobilink Pakistan launched new Red Standardized Logo for all its services. Its nice change but Mobilink ads with Red Logo and everything in Red looks similar like Vodafone theme. Sometimes after watching ads of Mobilink its feels that you are watching Pakistan copy of Vodafone ads. lets see its a good change for Mobilink or not.

Thursday, July 18, 2013




101Wisdumbs is written by Mateen Hamza, he is marketing professional with good sense of humor. I heard from many that 101Wisdumbs is stress relief book and have amazing wisdumbs quotes. Sir Mateen Hamza sent me a complimentary copy of 101Wisdumbs to me. i read and its amazing book, i really liked and read it many times and each time you have new happy feeling. This book is source of happiness and help you in relaxing, source of stress relief. I suggest to everyone must order 101Wisdumbs and read.
Facebook Page of 101Wisdumbs:
For Order Visit:

Cinnabon Pakistan

Yummy shakes and cold coffees at good price with cool environment, its best thing it opens at 7 am. Must try!

FatBurger Lahore

FatBurger recently opened its second outlet in Lahore,Pakistan. People got crazy and have to wait for hours for a burger. FatBuger is situated at famous MM ALAM Road, Lahore, its exterior is nice and interior sitting arrangement is also nice. Staff members are cooperative and one thing that is unique is way of motivation of staff members. Rates are high and Food taste is ok not extra ordinary. Hardees taste much better than of Fat burgers.

Love of FOOD

Yes, it is true that no LOVE more sincerer than LOVE of food. Love of Human beings may be sincerer but there is more chances of broken promises and people hurt you more but FOOD never hurts and more you love food, more you get FATS and after some time food get sincere with you, and you will be overweight! Enjoy food and do exercise regularly

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013

Social media Office vs Old office Style

Social media websites has changed everyone lifestyle and we think about social media before doing any task. We all were using the apps and websites features in real life but in different styles but now time has changed and everything is summarized and scheduled by using Internet. Office decor style is also changed and now Laptop and an internet is new style office decor. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Saturday, March 9, 2013


International Conference on Business Management 2013 held at UMT Lahore on 27-28 Feb,2013. UMT    events and conferences are always good and sourece of learning new skills and gives up to date information. ICOBM13 was amazing conference and UMT faculty, students and managment really did hard work and make it sucessful event. More than 8 Countries participated in this conference. National and International corporate speakers sessions were arranged by UMT in this conference.
I learned many things and enjoyed live tweeting of this conference in UMT.

Elance Pakistan- Freelancer to Entrepreneur Program

Freelancing is on boom and now a day’s its becoming wish of everyone to work from home or online and earn Dollars. For freelancing you just need a laptop/smart phone and a internet connection. There are many famous websites that provides platform to freelancers to get projects online and earn a good amount. No website has launched its training sessions for beginner freelancer   'How to start work online' neither for expert freelancers 'how to improve your skills and get more projects'. Elance is famous and biggest websites for freelancers. 

Elance is first to launch training session for freelancer and also those who want to work online in Pakistan. Sohail Sarwar is official Mobilizer/Trainer of Elance Pakistan. He is very talented and good speaker. First training Session was held on 7th March,2013 at Massionate Lahore. Many freelancers submitted registration form but Elance Pakistan has selected only five freelancers for its first training session. 

Focus 5 training session main purpose is to give attention to every individual and give more time to every particpant. Elance training is free and will be held twice a week in Lahore. 
Sohail Sarwar welcomed all freelancers warmly and session started with introduction of all attendees and then Sohail Sarwar gave his brief introduction. Zunaira Azam, Habib RehmanMohammed Usama ImtiazArslan Azeem, Mohammed Shehzad are attendees and they are working online but didn’t get good response. 


                                         Most demanded and popular skills on Elance

2013 is year of freelancers 

Mr. Sohail Sarwar (Elance Official Mobilizer/ Trainer) tell us about freelancing and share his own experiences. He told us how to make a creative and attractive profile on Elance. Profile is main thing that attracts clients and give boom to your income. 

All participants created their profile in supervision of Mr. Sohail Sarwar and he answered every query and satisfies each participant by giving different examples.

Mr. Sohail Sarwar tells us "How to make a strong business proposal", anyone can create profile but good and strong business proposal is most important part. He told us different points how to avoid mistakes in proposal and make error free proposal. He gave demo of writing strong business proposals.

I am a freelance web designer and developer and working on different websites since 2010 but this session gives me tips and ways "how to earn online in better way and to make strong business proposal". I learned a lot from this session and this session will be helpful to everyone who wants to work online and become entrepreneur. 
First session went sucessful and help everyone in learning many new tricks and tips so don’t miss this golden opportunity and get registered yourself asap. 

Registration Link: How to earn online

Feedback of First Focus Five Elance Training Session Participants

Habib Rehman well its was honour to b there.. it was complete n comprehensive guidence to achieve goals in economical n learning prospective.. n why @elance is better than other platforms providing same nature of services.

Fazal Ahmad Minhas I got passion to bid on elance regularly . I knew about some new things those can add value to our profile, and how to interact with the client and much more. overall this session was really interesting, informative and I am passionate to open a company at elance 

Refreshment pics

Monday, February 18, 2013

Color Emotions

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Recover Deleted Data

If you have deleted your important folder or file accidentally from your hard drive. Don’t worry it can be recovered. First check that folder or file may be available in Recycle bin. If it’s in recycle bin then right click on that folder and restore it.
In case, if that file is not present in recycle bin then run recovery software’s. There are many recovery software’s that are available in market and recover your data without any problem. If you have deleted your data from Drive D then don’t save, copy, delete or paste from that drive. If you do any activity is drive whose data has to be recovered, your data will be overwritten and you will be unable to recover that data.
Best way is to download any good recovery software and install it. Scan your computer and save the recovered folder on other drive. For 100% data recovery save the recovered data on external hard drive or usb drive. If you save the recovered data to the same drive from which data is deleted then you will lose your data forever.
 if you dont know about recovery softwares and have no knowlegde how losted data is recovered then dont do it urself and destroy the data completely. Try to consult professional data recover person for best results and he/she will recover your full data.
Take backup of your data on regular base.
Softwares for Data Recovery:
  1. Mini Tool Power Recovery Tool
  2. Final Data Recovery
  3. Pandora File Recovery
  4. Recuva Recovery 
  5. Glary Utilities