Monday, November 28, 2011

Twitter Biscuit | Bakers land

Everyone company wants that its products and brands run successfully in market and generate revenue.Many companies try to copy the existing successful brand name, advertising and marketing strategy, logo but they do slight change in spell of the name or in logo.But now a days companies are giving names to their products on the name of the Social Media Websites.To made their products more famous.Biscuit manufacturing company of Pakistan named "Bakers Land" did the same thing.they launched their new chocolate biscuits with name "Twitter".Twitter is very famous social media now a days.Its interesting way to make your products and brands more famous by using social media websites name as their products name.Twitter biscuit taste is very nice.Its is indulge in richness of chocolate.Eat Twitter Biscuit and have fun. i am sure you all will enjoy this new and delicious Twitter Biscuit.



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