Sunday, March 11, 2012

Aur karo Pepsi 65 ki

Pepsi is again of Rs.65. Pepsi new electronic ad is very bad. Pepsi is now of Rs.65 but they showed this discount in very despicable way. Sms come and people run and why they run it’s showed in end of ad. How a bridal runs on her first night through window.Thats not a Pakistani Culture. Pepsi new ad is not depicting Pakistani Culture; they are spoiling youth. How a person runs when he is in barber shop and barber is cutting his hair. Pepsi Pakistani advertising is biggest failure. In contrast to new India ad Change the game of Pepsi is excellent ad as compared to Pakistani ad. Pepsi Pakistan should hire new advertising agency and this ad should be banned.



i luv this ad can u tell me the name of that guy who cutted his hair half please

i Like her who is she in Dulhan roll in Pepsi add?
plz plz plz tell me her name
i Love her sooo much she is Very very very very Cute n very Sexy
plz anyone tell me her name

Kamran here
from Karachi Tariq road

Model is sana Bigg boss 6

thanks for telling the name of model :)

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