Thursday, January 26, 2012

Maat Drama | Hum Tv

Maat mean is “Defeat”. Maat drama is one of popular drama now a days on air.Maat drama is novel based and novel is writtern by famous writer “Humaira Ahamd”.Humaira Ahmad every novel is reality based and predicts story of us. 

Maat is story of two sisters Aimen (Amina Sheikh ) and Saman(Saba Qamar) with opposite personalities belong from poor family. Aimen is elder sister and she believes in the fundamentals of gratification, love,sacrifice and kindness,peace and relationships comes first and she always upholds them as her guiding force. Saman is totally opposite to Aimen and she is  insistent and has no scruples when it comes to making it big in life. In Saman life, everything is money and she wants every comfort of world and no respect for relationships. Despite loving her sister Saman never loses an opportunity to snatch away from her whatever her sister loves the most, including her fiancé. Saman believes she can give maat (defeat) to anyone and everyone anytime. After marriage with Faisal (Adnan Siddiqi). He gives her every comfort of life that is necessary for a good  and happy life. Faisal's Partner Azhar (Asad) is very rich person and every girl dreams that her life partner should be like him. Whenever Saman see Azhar's family. She fights with her husband and demands for better life. Saman left her baby and her in-laws house and starts living at her friends home and demands divorce from Faisal. Aimen takes the responsibility of Saman's child. After getting divorce, she gets marriage with Azhar. But after a short time period, relationship between Saman and Azhar also becomes weak and end in sad story.The wheels of time keep spinning till finally, Aiman decides to put her foot down and fight for her rights. Will Saman’s selfishness and greed overpower Aiman’s patience and inherent goodness once again, or will Aiman be able to stand her ground? Who faces the final maat in life?
Maat is gained lot of popularity. Hate it or like this drama but MAAT drama is best. It is showing two faces of different personalities at extreme. Don’t miss it. Watch it every Friday at 8 pm on Hum tv. Defiantly you all love this drama..!!

“Maat(Defeat) is always in destiny of jealous and selfish people”

         Adnan Siddiqui
         Amna Sheikh
         Saba Qamar
         Rabia Noreen
         Shamim Hilali
         Samina Ahmed

Directed By:
         Amna Nawaz Khan

Written By:
        Umera Ahmad

       Moomal Productions



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