Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Recover Deleted Data

If you have deleted your important folder or file accidentally from your hard drive. Don’t worry it can be recovered. First check that folder or file may be available in Recycle bin. If it’s in recycle bin then right click on that folder and restore it.
In case, if that file is not present in recycle bin then run recovery software’s. There are many recovery software’s that are available in market and recover your data without any problem. If you have deleted your data from Drive D then don’t save, copy, delete or paste from that drive. If you do any activity is drive whose data has to be recovered, your data will be overwritten and you will be unable to recover that data.
Best way is to download any good recovery software and install it. Scan your computer and save the recovered folder on other drive. For 100% data recovery save the recovered data on external hard drive or usb drive. If you save the recovered data to the same drive from which data is deleted then you will lose your data forever.
 if you dont know about recovery softwares and have no knowlegde how losted data is recovered then dont do it urself and destroy the data completely. Try to consult professional data recover person for best results and he/she will recover your full data.
Take backup of your data on regular base.
Softwares for Data Recovery:
  1. Mini Tool Power Recovery Tool
  2. Final Data Recovery
  3. Pandora File Recovery
  4. Recuva Recovery 
  5. Glary Utilities



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