Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tears i shed

For all the tears I shed that night
Crying on my failure,for taking things light
Everything,every effort, every deed
Was nothing but useless,raw indeed
The sleepless nights,the state of depression
After that,turned into a long lasting aggression
I wished to skip this era,this part of time
Because before this,everything was perfectly fine
This year of my life,which now ended
Was the most pathetic,which seemed to be splendid
In that year,I had a war
A war with myself,a war with myself
At the end,I became a loser
And lost many things,to which my heart was closer
Like many others,I also wished
Those tiny wishes,have now vanished
In the quest of happiness,searching for satisfaction
I should struggle,should have an addiction
I have to struggle,from the beginning
So I started everyday,with a smile twinkling
But as the time,the day passes
That smile is lost,it slowly vanishes
May be this is the part of life
Every time around,there's a sharpened knife
If tears could solve every problem of mine
Then I would be shedding them,all the time
But in this world,one should be practical
Emotions are worthy,but like a tiny particle
When you are able to control your heart
You'll be the best,as you are acting smart
The departure of mine from this world is near
This thought protects me from developing the fear
This world is made of love and hatred
Hatred should be dumped,love is to spread
But behind vast love,vast hatred is hidden



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