Saturday, January 22, 2011

Veena Malik in Frontline (Express News)

today guest of frontline is Veena Malik.Now a days Veena is very popular in news due to her controversies about participation in BIG BOSS 4 reality show.She is talent  of Pakistan, where ever she go, she is representing Big Boss she done such deeds that are socially, legally and ethical some episodes she done such things, Islam dont permit to do that.
tody in show frontline Veena was guest and one of our muftia and kamran is host.Mufti criticize veeena that whatever done is BB is wrong etc.veena said i am entertainer and  i want to spread love,peace and friendship.whatever i had done only for love n hugs are not only for men,its also for women.Participants of BB had given abuses to veena but veena didnt give abuse.she is social worker and spreading peace according to veena.veena said to mufti there are many other matters to debate.why veenamalik.its really intresting coversation.mufi said that i had not seen but i listened from people.veena said Asshmeet also offered prayers with me.Asshmeet was on call, he said he do yoga and Namaz acts are very similar to yoga and after that i feeled very end veena started weeping.tears damaged the veeena makeup.the host kamran left the program without concluding and he said u(people) will decide.



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