Saturday, November 3, 2012

Coke Kahani

Coca Cola is well renowned and famous brand and coke always promote reunion and family happiness. Coke ads shows happy families and family work and eat together and coke enhance their happiness. Now coke is sponoring a sitcom of 13 episodes. Name of Sitcom  is COKE KAHANI. Coke Kahani is directed by Mehreen Jabbar famous director of Pakistan. cast of this sitcom is impressive and will be on air on different channels at different times from 3rd November,2012.

Faisal Rehman, Syra Yosuf, Yasir Hussain, Sonia Rehman.

Written By:
Syed Mohammad Ahmed and Yasir Rana.

PTV:      Sat, 7:10 pm
Urdu1:    Sat, 10:30 pm
Hum tv: Sat, 7:25 pm
Masala: Sat, 10:00 pm

hope this sitcom will be interesting and watch Coke Kahani with your family. Enjoy your weekends with Coke Kahani and don't miss watching. Drink coke and watch Coke Kahani !



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