Friday, November 16, 2012

Unsatisfied with your life

Sometimes You are Unsatisfied with your life,
 while many people in this world are Dreaming of Living your Life..!!
Yes this quotation is very true. It happens with everyone at some stage of life. People get unsatisfied usually when they are in trouble or passing through hard times. If we have every blessing but still there are very few people who live happy and never want or dream about those blessings that they don't have. Usually every person try to earn money more than his/her need and buy those comforts that used only for show off and never give real comfort. if our demands and needs are fulfilling in legal and good way then why we want to live other life. Just to comfort ourself or to make a good status in society or to show off to others.  Everyone in this world have some stress or tension and no one is tension free. people who always smile or living better life also pass through hard times and also faces different problems. this world is temporary place so enjoy its each and every shade. Be happy what you have and don't wish to live a life of other person instead improve your own lifestyle by doing hard work and do work honestly. LIFE IS SHORT - ENJOY IT.



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