Thursday, December 13, 2012

12-12-12 | Memories

12-12-12 is last repeative date for everyone and this dtey is special for everyone. Everyone tried to celebrate in a different way and tried to make this day memorable. I have an exam and exam went good. Then i decided to go to Jamin Java, Johar Town for coffee with Xunaira Azam. But we cancelled the plan and enjoyed our time in IBIT, Punjab University and drank chilled Mountain DEW in cold weather and it was fun. After we did photoshoot, my hobby to take pics and love to capture moments. Amna Zafar, Xunaira Azam, Sidrah Syed and Noor ul Ain, we had unlimited fun while taking pictures.

Noor ul Ain Mustafa my classfellow, my good friend has also birthday on 12-12-12. i wished her and spent time with her and i also wished her good luck for last mid term exam for her life.

I want to go Massionate Hotel, MM alam Road to spend time alone. But i got call from my friend Harima that can we go out for a hangout and i said i am going to MM Alam Road, she said wait i will pick you and we will go together. We went to Masionate and hate delicious HI-Tea and enjoyed chilled weather on roof top. Enjoyed picture taking part.
I waited for Farwa Ale my bestie for 3  hours, waiting is a bit tuff thing. 12-12-12 is very special day for Farwa ALe, her birthday day. She came late and had hurry to go home. i spend very little time with her and had taken no picture with Farwa Ali. Farwa Ale was looking very pretty in her Purple and pink dress. we hardly spend 45 minutes together and then she dropped me at my place. I want to spend more time but i cant.We had met after 42 days. Lets hope to see her and meet her soon.

After that i spend time with Harima, she came to my home and then i watched TV and celebrated 12-12-12 with my family. we went out for dinner with family to make this more enjoyable. Time spend with family is always precious and gives amazing feelings.
After coming Back to home, i used social media networking websites and updated my 12-12-12 on facebook,twitter, linked and on my blogs.
After that i talked to Aliza Jafri, She is my bestie, my inspiration, source of motivation and she is one who has always supported me and with me in my good,happy and bad time. ALLAH bless you ALIZA! :)
I really enjoyed 12-12-12 and had lovely memories and i have captured each moment with my camera.



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