Thursday, December 13, 2012

11-12-12 | My Life Experience

Life is extreme unpredictable, you dont know what will happen to you in next moment. Sometimes good happen and sometimes vert special and close person leaves you. Bad thing happen with me, my very special and close friend got angry with me and i tried to say SORRY and want to clear every misunderstanding but i was failed badly. Time passes and each day i missed my friend more and deeply. there is no moment come in those 42 days in which i havnt miss. 12-12-12 is birthday of my friend and 12-12-12 is last repeative day so i want to make this day memorable for me and i want to spend this amazing date by bestie. I tried to arrange a little surprise for my bestie. Cake and flowers for surprise birthday and yeah i have celebrated birthday of my bestie in advance on 11-12-12. I enjoyed alot her advance birthday party.

It was amazing experience of mine.that day was best day of my life. it gave me feeling that i achieved my life biggest achievement.I saw my bestie after 42 days it was amazing feelings, i am unable to express that feelings in words. in 42 days, thing i learned is that missing someone hurts alot and forgetting your closeone is not possible. If you try to forget your golden memories, you will dying each moment inside and just pretend that you are happy without your best friend.
Yeah one more thing celebrations is best way to clear misunderstandings and issues in any relationship. Handle your each and every relation with special care and attention and never take anything for granted in any relation. Love your friends and try to spend more time with friends. Life is short - Enjoy it.!



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