Tuesday, March 1, 2011

LEC friends

When i got admission in LEC i had lot of friends.My class fellows was very good. We played together, talks and fights and life is full of fun.Amna Maqbool, Ammarah Batool, Sehar Aftab, Sadia ,Sidrah , Azeem,Mahwish Malk Nazia,Aamir, Fawad and many more. My best buddies with whoom i play in evening and my childhood neighbor friends were Asra Habib, Mahreen Sajjad ,Saba Tanvir and Fiza. we enjoyed alot.



which year did you study @lec, i've studies from lec, really miss those days, sadly dont remember full names of some of my friends i studies with, and quite hard to find them as beleive no one added LEC in their profile..

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