Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lahore Education Campus

When i was in K.G class, my parents changed my school and we also changed place of Residence. I got admission in LEC (Lahore Education Campus) situated in Karim Block, Allama Iqbal Town Lahore.School Principle name was Nusrat Malik.Nusrat Malik is woman highly qualified and her personality, way of communicatio, leadership powers, her dressing and her way of living is amazing. Vice Principle was Maam Raheela. Ms.Raheela is best teacher. Her management and she deals with students is awesome way. I remembered once she taken dictation test of us. I forgot the spell of Brinjal and few other words. She said to me that you have to learn spells and you have to sit with me in whole break and learn the  words. but she is very cooperative and Friendly maam.My Class teacher in K.G was Maam Humaira. she is very loving, friendly, cooperative and simply she is best. Computer Teacher is Miss.Aliya. She was bit strict but friendly. Miss.Naveed my maths teacher. Miss.Rubina was my english teacher and arts teacher.english was my favourite subject due to her.Her communication skills and her creativity is really very good. Ms.Nadia was my urdu teacher.i was very poor in urdu and she always say to me amna you are wasting time and money of your parents.
whatever i am today i am due to all teachers and friends of LEC. Teachers at LEC polished my skills and encouraged me. 



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