Sunday, March 6, 2011

DPS is Best School

DPS Model Town Lahore is best school. When i got Admission in Dps, i was welcomed by very skillful, talented and highly qualified teachers. Teachers of DPS are really very hardworking. DPS was the place where i got best buddies of my life. My class fellows was very friendly. We spent awesome time together. Dps Students is called as Publicans. The DPS girls wing ground is very big. our class used to play together in that ground. Samosas of DPS canteen is very delicious and tasty. When break bell rangs, all girls rushed to canteen and there was huge crowd of girls and sounds coming "baji mujhe do, meri bari etc" around the canteen.In Dps, there is dispensary for students. Sometime when i had no mood of giving test or i have not prepared for test , i used to go to dispensary and always sad to Doctor that i am feeling nousia. DPS Life was full of fun and Masti.I enjoyed my DPS alot with my best buddies.



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