Sunday, March 4, 2012


Humsafar fever….people was suffering for this disease for last few months. Everyone gossip starts with Humsafar and ends with Humsafar. Saturday is Humsafar day, at night 8 pm to 9 pm Humsafar crazy fever was at peak. Girls and housewifes watch Humsafar with full attention and males are also crazy of Humsafar. Mothers don’t prepare dinner until Humsafar ends. Girl friends/ wives ignore their real Humsafar and watch Humsafar. Many comics and funny pictures about Humsafar fever was posted on different social media networking websites. People canceled functions and events even they missed Pakistan Cricket matches for Humsafar.
Cast and team of Humsafar were awesome. Every one puts full effort in Humsafar. Story and dialogues of Humsafar is good and all actors performed their roles as they are facing these problems in real. Director Sarmat did excellent work. Writer, producer and all crew members perform their job in good way. In 1990’s few PTV dramas like Tanhayian, Dhoop Kinare and few more dramas got popularity and people love to watch them today. Humsafar broke all previous records of popularity. Humsafar is not famous in people of Pakistan as well it is also famous outside Pakistan.
People are crazy of Humsafar. Humsafar story is light and its story from one of us. The story of Humsafar happens in real; it’s a story of our society. Lot of reasons behind success of Humsafar; one reason is its title track heart touchy lyrics and it’s beautifully sung by Qurat-ul-lin Baloch. Ashar (Fawad Khan) and khirad (Mahira khan) couple chemistry was really good and couple is liked by everyone. Sara is performed nice negative role. Fareeda anti (Atiqa Odho) charcter due to her all twists and up and down in drama. Way of presenting story is different and in good way.
One woman can be enemy of other woman. When you take decision think about it how your decision impact on life’s of others and listen to everyone who are involved in that decision and make decision neutrally no biasness. One wrong decision may lead to regret forever.

Wo humsafar thaa magar us sey humnawai na thi



It demonstrates the importance of decency, honesty, purity and innocence of a lower middleclass girl in real life. Kudos!

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