Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Things i hate about Indian Dramas

People are crazy for Indian daily soaps. At evening everyone sit in front of TV and watch indian soaps. Soaps full of fashion and glamor with no story. Things i hate about Indian soaps.

  • There is no certain death in soaps. If a person died, can’t be alive again but in Indian soaps character die and become live unlimited times.
  • In one of Indian soap, character remains alive for more than four generations.
  • Endless affairs. Affairs after marriage and illegal relations before marriage and illegal child are common.
  • Plastic surgery is very common in Indian soaps.
  • Son/daughter looks older and parents looks younger than their children
  • History repeats again and again. What happened with mother/father will also happen with their daughter/son?
  • In business deals they always talk about millions like they do daily transaction of millions and countless bank accounts and income.
  • Character that died once becomes alive again and comes in new role with same voice, height and eye color but with new fashion trends.
  • Every family has huge number of family members and all live in one house.
  • Rich families are shown in soaps with big house. Rooms of house have no locks. Doors always remain open and whenever you do secret chat, villain lady will always listen by standing near door and makes plan according to your conversation.
  • Whenever some shocking news or some died person becomes alive again; u have to listen music mixed of sound thundering, slaps, horrible and drum etc. all in one.
  • A woman belongs to poor family that they don’t have source of income still women wears gold jewelry.
  • Woman in every serial plays key role in every one’s life and try to solve all problems of everyone alone.
  • Memory lost after an accident and does plastic surgery and comes again in soap in same role after many years.
  • Take divorce from one husband and get married with other. Also take divorce from new husband and marry again with first one.
  • Keeps showing Function of marriage or any event for more than month.
  • Each episode end with suspense and that suspense continues for many months.
  • Woman sleeps after doing full makeup.
  • There is shortage of clothes in soaps.
  • If you don’t watch soap for many months and watch after a long time, you will find soap stuck on that part from where you left watching.
Women are crazy for these serials. cable operators still show Indian channel at time of drama by putting their logo on channel logo when Pemra ban Indian Channels in Pakistan.



I am an indian girl but live in Canada and I love watching hindi dramas and I seriously don't agree with you because its just entertainment and really fun and like you talked about ending episodes with suspence, Actually its just the curiousty inside you if you kill that curiousty then you would be narmal and don' care about dramas. I stoped watching four dramas cuz those are not that interresting but I still watch two dramas one is on colors: UTTARAN and other is on imaginetv: SAWARE SABKE SAPNE PREETO. pretto is still new but i actually find it really emotional and i take that personaly. Uttaran had strated 3 and a half years ago when I live in India but and I love that drama. Then I moved to canada and I still watch every single episode in that drama. I could never miss uttarn my favoriute but it doesnt really matter for pretto cuz its new and if I miss any episode I always watch it at next day. :) bye have a good day and dont hate dramas sometimes they teach us lessons or give a moral :)

This is really awsome and i love that.. This is very unique thing you put on that post.. Thanks for sharing... great site

like this world is full of entertaining Like

nihayat hi chootya dramay hte india K :::::;; 30 30 saal tk1 hi story :P

I love only Pakistani Dramas so plz stop watch and promoting Indian

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I like your post and blogging style in really appreciate you Keep it up waiting for your new posts.
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I like your post and blogging style in really appreciate you Keep it up waiting for your new posts.
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