Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women Day

Happy Women Day!!

International Women day is celebrated on 8th March every year. Its a day to salute all women of this world. a woman plays various roles at a same time in her life. first she is a daughter and compromise and live life according to their parents and siblings. Every girls want to get married and dreams that her husband should be loving, caring and romantic. When she get married; she starts living by obeying her in-laws and she obey her husband orders. At that time woman do promise with herself that she will sacrifice her life for her husband and his family. By smiling face she deals with everyone and hide her pain by smile.
When a woman become mother; moment cant explain in words. Woman feels her world is completed now. She thinks herself luckiest woman of the world. Then she starts new chapter of her life by doing care of her children. Mother tries to become friend and to give happiness and comfort to her child. Now she forgot herself and lives for her children. Some mothers do job to earn more and to give better future to their children. She bear disobedient of husband and children by smiling face. Children misbehave with her mothers but still she forgives. Women do struggle and hard work all her life.
Disable and violence victim women also show great courage and starts their life again with new energy. husbands and his family do violence on women but some women keeps silent and bears all but some take action against them and bring change and also gives guts to others. Women are in every field and doing great in their fields. In universities, female ratio is very high then males.Women are more hard working and intelligent then men. Women have capability of doing multi task at a time. women are in field of education,  piliot, doctor, engineer, computer expert, oscar winner, media, president, sports. Its our day so celebrate this day and make aim to do something that make proud to yourself and to your family. Proud to be Women.!!



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