Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Morning Shows

It’s amazing how the morning shows have become an essential part of almost all the TV channels today. Hosted by the renowned actors and actresses, the ratings of these shows are ramping up every day. Many actors and actress are hosting morning show now a day. Some morning show hosts are decent and present show in decent way and some hosts are over confident and present show as one man show.
People are crazy to see that morning shows. Mostly morning shows are of three hour duration and women especially housewives are biggest crazy fans of these morning shows. Morning shows are source of information and also makes people knowledge up to date by showing latest trends of fashion. Morning shows has different segments like cooking segment, astrologist segment etc. But ever asked, what is the divine purpose behind these morning shows? The answer may be that TV channels have successfully found an enthralling way to fill in their morning slot. At time of PTV there is no concept of morning shows that currently channel showing in morning.PTV morning shows was very decent and informative.
Morning shows are designed for females (housewives) because in morning they are free and morning shows are source of entertainment. In morning shows celebrities, writers, artists, sports stars, athletes, politicians; almost everyone and anyone is invited. Then the hosts ask silly questions especially tailored to suit the intellect of the target audience and hence are quite popular among the female viewers. Interestingly, dermatologists, hairstylists, cooks, psychologists and even palmists are invited to offer a complete program platter to the viewers. Live calls are made to get answers for personal queries and people ask questions from quests. Hosts swirl and dance with the star guests. However, the most attractive part for females is definitely the clothes, make up and jewelry of the host and guests. Social media networking website fan pages are created and people write there or send emails to that specific show and ask questions.
All these morning shows promote vanity and show off.  Encourage people to showcase their wealth, become a part of the race of expensive clothing, shoes and jewelry. Morning shows are also promoting culture of show off. Celebratiy and hosts gossips are source of entertainment for people. Each morning show theme is same but different is of hosts and way of hosting. Some morning shows are really very good and informative and some are just to promote show off culture. Channels are increasing their viewership through these morning shows. Media has strong impact on life of people so quality shows will make positive impact. 



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